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Complacent, Comfortable, Stagnant 


The median age of a investment advisor is 62. This presents two issues.

  1. The simple concept of understanding and relating to current technology. In a world that is digital and where technology will continue to make huge waves in society, how well can someone that age relate to shifting technology, digital trends and capture the opportunities via investment?

  2. There is a problem with time horizon and long term views of investments. With the median age of retirement being 61 and the median age of death 79. How long term are or can those advisors really envision for their clients?


The industry is comfortable. With the rise in trading and investing products geared toward the everyday person, advisors are scared to deviate from the norm. Instead they follow the herd, more so seeking to prevent themselves from losing your business than seeking to truly grow your wealth.


We called investment advisors & wealth managers across our areas. A disturbing number offered a direct or slight variation of a S&P 500 index fund and presented it as proprietary or value added. This same value can be had by any person with a internet connection and bank account for no fee. That is not value added by the industry, that is value subtracted & dressed up.



We look far into the future to predict how investments/trends may shift overtime and adapt accordingly. We are on the ground floor as to how technology is shaping and will continue to shape society. Instead of aversion to change, we embrace it and seek to find the best opportunity to capitalize on its impact.


We aren't afraid to lose your business. We want to earn your trust by providing superior investment returns. We provide clients a larger scope of securities and an investment thesis differentiated from traditional advisors.


In order to get results in investing, you must see opportunities most don't. If most did, the returns would be minimal. To do this, we at Digital Edge must continually research, question and vet every investment thesis, advice and decision we make for our clients. We do not package generic services like a S&P index masked as world beating investment technology.

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